What Do I Do Now?

You can attack the lice infestation on your own. Parents have been doing this for years. There are medicated shampoos, electric combs, and even naturopathic solutions to try.

As we have seen with other organisms, lice are developing a natural resistance to the traditional gels, shampoos, and pesticides which have been used to treat them. Physical removal of lice and nits is still the most effective measure to eliminate the problem.

LetitGoAt Hair Maidens, we offer much needed help to families. A manual comb out and a customized follow-up schedule.  This method for lice removal will attack the lice problem effectively and return your family to their routine in no time.

We enjoy educating Salt Lake City families about lice and the life cycle of lice. As the exclusive educational lice professionals in Utah, we are available for all your lice treatment needs. We are always available by phone to discuss a lice problem with parents! Call us!