The Truth about Lice Removal



It’s really not hard to get rid of lice. I have helped people get rid of it on their own many times.

Manual removal is still the best, and cheapest way to get lice and eggs out of the hair.

Why do you need a professional? There are a few instances where a professional is needed.

  1. Convenience /Time – a lice professional can save you hours of time and answer as many questions as you have.
  2. Long hair that is difficult to comb.
  3. A large family where everyone is affected and they just need some help.
  4. Multiple Recurrence – an individual can’t get the head clean over months or years. Usually, this is due to misinformation about how to get the job done.

Hair Maidens is the most economical way to get rid of your lice problem. Starting at $129 for a full head of hair.