Summer of Lice!

Don’t let this be the Summer of Lice! Some camps (especially sleep away camps) require a head check before camp begins to prevent outbreaks at camp. For $25 your child can have a head check and we can provide a form stating that your child is Lice-Free.

Here is an example of what preventative head checks can do:

For the past two years, a well-known camp for child patients had a nightmare outbreak of lice. Some families were coming from rural areas and did not have access to information about lice. Since the camp exists to help the kids, they wanted to prevent another outbreak from affecting the camp experience.

Hair Maidens provided head checks before the kids were allowed in the cabins. Only one child had an active case of head lice. He was treated quickly and was able to join the rest of the kids after one hour. Had he not been checked, 8 kids and 2 counselors would have been exposed and a few would have gone home with lice!!!!

Hair Maidens strongly believes that lice outbreaks in summer camps can be prevented by having a lice professional present at check in. This is a small cost for the camp and prevents lots of worry for the organization and parents alike.

Let’s get rid of head lice, forever!