Lice Elimination Kit

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All you need to treat one person and prevent lice in the home.


Hair Maidens’ proven method to eliminate and prevent lice, forever!

LiceMeister comb is the Gold Standard according to the National Pediculosis Association.

Vamousse Lice Treatment – A pesticide-free treatment that is clinically proven to kill lice and eggs.

Vamousse Lice Defense Shampoo – A pesticide-free, daily use shampoo that prevents lice infestations.


Kit includes LiceMeister Comb and cleaning tool, Vamousse Lice Treatment, Vamousse Lice Defense Shampoo and Hair Maidens’ detailed instructions on how to use products.

LiceMeister – The only comb endorsed by the National Pediculosis Association.® The “Gold Standard” medical device packaged with a convenient cleaning tool.

Vamousse Lice Treatment – Use Vamousse lice treatment to eliminate an infestation effectively and safely.

-Clinically proven to kill lice AND their eggs in 1 treatment.
-Effective against pesticide-resistant super lice.
-Safe, non-toxic and pesticide free.
-Safe for children 2 years and older.
-No prescription needed, available over-the-counter.
-A mousse product, allowing quick and precise application to make the process easier, especially when treating children.
-Rinses out easily.

Vamousse Lice Defense Shampoo – Vamousse Lice Defense is a gentle, daily shampoo to defend against a lice infestation – simply use it in place of your everyday shampoo. It’s designed to kill lice (as shown in lab studies) with repeated, routine use for 10-14 days. It’s safe, non-toxic and pesticide-free. Vamousse Lice Defense daily shampoo is great for use by the whole family:

-During lice outbreaks at school
-During and after summer camp
-After sleepovers
-When treating a sibling
-While at risk of repeat lice exposure – helping to avoid the risk of re-infestation
-Vamousse Lice Defense is safe for children 2 years and older, and is available over the counter in retail pharmacies and online.



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