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Special!!! $99 comb-outs!


In-Home Treatment

Starting at $139 (guaranteed). Hair Maidens service is available in the comfort of your own home. Now serving Salt Lake, Utah, Summit, Davis counties.

We will treat you and your family, educate you on the options for treatment, and show you ways to alleviate the problem in your home. Travel charges may apply. Call or Text for an estimate!

Do-it-Yourself Treatment

Kits start at $24.95. If in-home treatment is not an option for your family, we can still help! 

We have everything you need to perform our signature lice treatment yourself, available in our SLC location and in our online shop. We have many free resources to help your family with our downloadable PDF’s.

Visit Our Private Office!

Comb-outs start at $99. Your privacy is important to us. We only take one family at a time to insure that you get the personalized attention you need.

Every full treatment is guaranteed, you may return within 30 days if you need a head check or just want to be sure that the lice are gone!

In certain cases, we recommend a follow up appointment in 7-10 days to ensure that the infestation is cleared. 


We guarantee our work for 30 days, if all of the following are true:


1. All members of the household are checked.


2. The full, recommended treatment is performed on all individuals infested with lice *


3. The follow up protocol recommended is performed on the treated individuals. **


 *For severe cases, a follow up appointment may be needed within 2 weeks. This appointment will be billed at $25/15 min and is generally shorter that the initial appointment.


**Please note, we provide detailed household cleaning information to our clients during the visit, along with follow up combing requirements. If these guidelines are not followed, we cannot ensure a lice free home.