Lice? We can help!

We have been helping people for 8 years in Utah. Here’s how:

Karly has a problem- her daughter, Lacie has head lice

Initially, she went to the pharmacy and used a lice kit – it didn’t work!

She went to the doctor’s office. They were able to confirm that Lacie has lice and even prescribed a treatment. It didn’t work!

So, for months, she has been combing with the lice-comb from the kit, looking online for remedies and worrying if she is going to get lice too!

She has read about the Superlice and worries that she may never get rid of the lice.

She dreads phone calls from the school, worried that they will notice the persistent infestation. Frankly, she is embarrassed to ask for help.

Fortunately, we can help. In a phone call we can tell Karly exactly how to get rid of the lice. She can buy a Basic Lice Kit– this includes a phone call with a lice professional. She can also get an estimate from a live person.

She can also get affordable help from a professional.

Here is what we can do for you!

  1. Call or text for an consultation. 801 450-6412
  2. Get an appointment.
  3. Treatment takes 1 hour (on average)
  4. Follow up with a 2 week recheck (included in price)

How much does this cost? $129 (treatment more that 1 hour is billed at $25/15 min extra)

And it is guaranteed! *

* 30 days- if all recommended treatment instructions are followed and 2 week appointment is kept for follow up check.