Lice Treatment for Schools & Facilities

For many years, Hair Maidens has been helping people remain lice-free. We will still be treating individual clients for lice, however we are branching out into lice prevention for schools and organizations.

Summer Camp is a prime time to get lice. Travel, family reunions and playdates are all fine, until there are lice!

Case Study- Summer of 2017

We got a call from a Summer Camp in Salt Lake City. There was an outbreak in a group of 8 year olds. Hair Maidens was able to check all the suspected groups and isolate the affected kids. There were no tears because they were all in it together. We make sure that they know that it is not their fault!

Hair Maidens was able to solve the problem.

1.  Most campers and counselors were given the “all clear”, thus preventing the awkward phone calls or emails.

2. Education materials were sent to parents to prevent an outbreak in the future.

3. Individuals with lice were treated and given the “all clear” to return to camp the next day!

Let us be your resource for lice treatment and prevention. We offer informational flyers from Identifying Lice to Prevention in the home and the classroom.  We can provide lice kits for your families to keep your facility running smoothly! Please feel free to call with questions.