Lice Removal Salt Lake City!

No more head lice!

Head lice are annoying and sometimes embarrassing! Many think that they are impossible to get rid of. Absolutely not!

Let Hair Maidens show you how. We can do it for you ($129/hour) or teach you how to do it (kits start at $19.95).

We offer free preventative information to make sure that you don’t have lice ever again.

Often parents go to the drug store and spend lots of money on products that may or may not work. Why not ask a lice professional?

At Hair Maidens, we have many years of experience and have treated thousands of people successfully!

Do you think that Professional Lice Removal is too expensive?

Think again! Hair Maidens’ goal is to make lice removal affordable for everyone!

Here is an example:

Mary wanted to treat her daughter for head lice but her other kids had lice too. She wanted help with her daughter because her case of lice was more severe, however, she felt that she could deal with the other kids.

She called Hair Maidens- the daughter was treated with a full treatment. The other kids were checked and two had lice but one did not. Mary was able to use the same product and a quality lice-comb on her other two kids for a fraction of the price. Mary had a few nits on her hair, as well. She decided to get a treatment by a professional. Mary could have gone to a lice treatment facility and paid up to $650 for the lice treatment for her family of 5. Hair Maidens charged $129 x 2, $75 for 3 head checks and $25 for extra product. Total Cost=$358. This price includes free head checks and a 30 day guarantee for the treated individuals .

Here is another example:

Lanie wanted some help with her daughter’s lice problem. She had treated and combed many times but the lice kept coming back. She had resorted to cleaning everything in her house thinking that the bugs were living on her couch and carpet. The other problem was that Lanie was a single mom and couldn’t afford professional lice treatment.

She called Hair Maidens – After talking to a lice professional, she was recommended the most affordable kit (Basic Lice Kit, $24.95) which she was able to pick up the same day. The detailed instructions and the free phone consultation gave Lanie the confidence to treat her daughter herself with the added bonus of knowing that she would know how to prevent and treat lice in the future.

No matter who you are and whatever the budget, Hair Maidens will recommend a way to get rid of your lice that works for you. Call Hair Maidens for Lice Removal in Salt Lake City and surrounding areas.