Lice Treatment

Does My Child Have Lice?

Do you think your child has lice?


Is your child frantically scratching their head?


Are there red marks at the back of the neck?


Your child may have lice – we can help!

How We Helped Lacy

“I was told by our hair stylist that my kids have lice! I couldn’t see anything; my kids were not scratching, but I could see scratch marks at the back of the neck.


“Luckily, my friend had used Hair Maidens before and gave me their number. Rita came right away, and we found out we all had lice…


“Hair Maidens was wonderful at making us feel safe and got the problem take care of quickly. Rita not only got rid of the lice, but recommended tools and techniques to prevent live from coming back in the future. Thanks Rita and Hair Maidens!”

– Lacy 

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