Hair Maidens- a new focus

After many years helping families, Hair Maidens is changing. We are now providing several new services:

Prevention Programs for schools. For just $149 we will come to your school to give a 30 minute presentation on lice treatment and prevention, a Q and A  from parents and individual appointments from parents that want head checks will follow. Head checks are given at a special rate of $10 per child. We can give an overview to parents and educators, including accurate flyers, head checks and Basic Lice Kits. Our goal is to prevent lice outbreaks before they get worse. The Basic Lice Kit is only $19.95 and should be owned by every family in the school. The kit comes with one free consultation phone call that can be booked online or by phone.

Prevention programs for facilities. For just $149 Hair Maidens will visit your  residential facility, perform up to 1 hr of head checks or combing services for any residents that need treatment ($99/hr after the first hour). This price includes all information for lice prevention and treatment for staff so that they will know what to do next time.

Prevention for families. At Hair Maidens we believe that all families should be able to afford lice services. This is why we help families by helping them obtain the right information and the right tools for lice removal. Every family should have a Basic Lice Kit $19.95. Prices start at $99 for a comb out. Many families are able to watch the professional and do the rest of the job themselves. This saves money!