How to get rid of lice – forever!

We have been treating lice in Salt Lake City since 2011. We know how to get rid of lice!
Hair Maidens has a mission to provide affordable professional lice services for everyone!

The truth about lice removal!

A lice treatment consists of at least two steps:

Step 1. A pretreatment of some sort: over the counter or prescription shampoos, household oils, conditioner, heat.

Step 2. A comb out with a quality lice comb!

The first step, while helpful, is not always necessary. You really can use any product, as long as you comb out the hair with a good lice comb.

Hair Maidens can help you!

Hair Maidens started treating lice in Salt Lake City when there were no other lice companies in the area, even the State of Utah!!!

We immediately found that not only did people want an easy way to get rid of lice, they often could do it themselves. In some cases, lice infestations are light, or the hair is very short and easy to comb.

This is why we have basic kits with resources to show you how to never have lice again!

Download our PDF – How to Prevent Lice!

What to do if you have lice? You can do one of two things: Treat it yourself or get professional help.

Treating lice yourself

First: Get a good lice comb – I recommend the LiceMeister comb.

Second: Get proper instructions for use. See our basic lice kit here.

Getting Professional Help

  • Professional treatment is the best choice – when there is an extreme case of lice, when the lice keeps coming back or when you just don’t have the time!
  • A good lice service wants to help you get rid of lice in the most efficient, economical way. Any special methods or treatment shampoos mean one thing, and one thing only: MORE CASH for the same result.
  • Don’t book an appointment until you talk to an actual person. Often there is a fee for a cancellation.
  • Beware of Guarantees – Often the guarantee only applies if all people in the house are given the full treatment: even if the person has really short hair. A good lice professional will talk to you and recommend a customized treatment for each individual.


Hair Maidens helps you make sure the lice doesn’t come back and helps you to prevent lice in the future.

Hair Maidens can show you how to do a Quick Comb Out that is easy and quick and even can be used as a Head Check in the future.

Never Have Lice Again!


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