Frequently Asked Questions

Lice do not actually JUMP from child to child. Children often play or talk with the heads very close to each other. This allows the louse to crawl from one child to another to continue their life cycle.

NO!! Lice actually thrive in hair that is clean..this is a problem that has nothing to do with your child’s hygiene.

No. When you meet with our lice-specialist, she will help you to learn what you need to do to eradicate the problem in your environment. This will help to eliminate risk of other family members being exposed.

Call the school and find out what their individual policy is.

The Salt Lake City School District Administrative Policy S-9 indicates that no child will return to school with live head lice. Check with your individual school if they also have a ‘no nit’ policy. Some schools may enforce student removal when lice or nits can be visualized.

How Difficult is the follow up combing?

Most people have no trouble with the minimal schedule of follow up combing required to eliminate lice. We provide the comb and a treatment protocol that works! Some individuals with extreme cases of lice will require a follow up visit and extra combing. Extra combing is billed in 15 minute increments ($30/15min)

No. Lice are very selective. They are not interested in finding a home in Fido’s fur!

You can attack the problem with home remedies or call Hair Maidens, for professional lice treatment in Salt Lake City and surrounding areas.

How are your services different from Nitpickers in my area?

Our service treatment averages 1 hour per client. We have treated thousands of people in Utah successfully! Average treatment costs for families is approximately $400 for a family with 4 infested individuals. We give you an individualized follow up treatment schedule according to the degree of infestation. Choosing Hair Maidens will avoid unnecessary time and expense.