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Welcome to Hair Maidens! From in-home treatments to Do-It-Yourself solutions, our goal is to make lice removal affordable for everyone. Hair Maidens is the original professional lice treatment company in Salt Lake City, and provides the highest level of service to all of our clients.

We know a lice infestation is stressful for the whole family, and we are here to help! We provide both in-home treatment options as well as DIY at home kits delivered right to your doorstep. Call us today for a free phone consultation.

About Us

Hair Maidens was started in 2011 to fill the need for easy, affordable assistance for families in Utah suffering from lice infestation. We started providing treatments for families in their own homes and the demand grew quickly. Hair Maidens is owned and operated by Rita Skolnick, a mom and Ph.D. biologist, with a passion for helping others.

Our mission of providing care to families is very important to us, and we want to give everyone the chance to benefit from our expertise. If you can’t afford in-home treatment, we are here to consult with you on the best course of action and provide you with access to Do-It-Yourself kits and instructional materials.

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