School’s out! Summer camp is here!

  If you think that your child's risk of getting lice is decreased in the summertime,...

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7 Common Myths About Head Lice

Myth #1: Head Lice is not a health hazard.  Truth: Lice...

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What To Do When Your Child Has Lice – Families.

 A head-lice outbreak affects everyone!

  Here are the biggest concerns:
  1. How to identify head-lice quickly and...

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Lice Removal Salt Lake City!

No more head lice!

Head lice are annoying and sometimes embarrassing! Many think that they are...

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What to Do When There is a Lice Outbreak – Schools

Whether you are a teacher, administrator or a parent, a head-lice outbreak affects everyone!

Here are...

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Free Head Checks! First Friday of the Month.

Next Free Head Check Day - May 4,  8 AM - 5 PM. We want to...

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Got Lice? Don’t panic!

You really just want to scream!

Stay Calm!

Here is what you can do to make it...

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Why do Lice Exist?

Ever wonder why head lice exist? It is a great mystery, but here is a thought... The...

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How to get rid of lice – forever!

We have been treating lice in Salt Lake City since 2011. We know how to...

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Special $99 per treatment!

That's right! Only $99 for a professional Hair Maidens comb out! Sometimes, that is all...

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