About Lice



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Lice are harmless, yet annoying pests that inhabit the human scalp.

They live and reproduce on the hair and move to the scalp to eat a blood meal. They don’t live very long (about a month) but they leave behind eggs (nits) that are attached to the hair shaft close to the scalp. These nits don’t all hatch…but enough hatch to start the life cycle over again.

The nits can take 7-10 days to hatch and another week to start laying more nits.

The louse (singular for lice) crawls from one head to another in close proximity. The female lays eggs very close to the scalp with or without the male present.The lice can be visible in the hair, but are tricky to spot. The nits are easier to seeĀ andĀ have a sturdy adhesive to which they attach to the hair shaft. As such, they can be harder to remove than the lice themselves.

A quality lice comb (such as the LiceMeister) can remove both the lice and the nits but this can be time consuming.

A Professional Lice Service can cut the time down considerably. Call the experts in Salt Lake City, Hair Maidens. We get rid of lice naturally and teach you how to prevent lice!

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