7 Common Myths About Head Lice

Myth #1: Head Lice is not a health hazard.  While a case of head lice is not life-threatening, there are some negative consequences that affect overall well being. The child may not be sleeping well and may exhibit cranky or disruptive behaviors at school or at home that adversely affects self-esteem and learning.

Myth #2: You have to use a lice removal product.   Lice products can help by killing most of the live bugs and lubricating the hair to make the nit removal easier. However, head lice can be successfully removed by combing with a good lice comb and a good conditioner in the same amount of time.

Myth#3: Head lice spread from objects such as couches or carpets.  Lice travel most often from head to head, that is why they can spread rapidly between children. Getting lice from objects is possible, yet unlikely. Cleaning the environment should be done, but is not the most important thing. Clean the head, check the others and then clean the house!

Myth#4: Lice can’t be prevented.  Lice will always be around, but you can significantly decrease the likelihood of your child getting lice by consistently checking your kids hair (once a month). If you find lice, early treatment and communication with schools and other families will prevent more lice outbreaks.

Myth #5: Superlice need to be removed by a professional.   Superlice refers to the strain of lice that is resistant to chemical lice treatments. While it is true that resistant bugs are harder to kill with lice treatments, they are unable to develop a resistance to a good lice comb! A professional can speed up the process, but anyone can get rid of lice with the proper comb and technique.

Myth#6: You have to treat everyone in the house for lice.  It is true that everyone should be checked for lice. However most families have some members with lice and some with no signs at all. A treatment is recommended only for those that actually have lice and for those without lice, it is recommended to check for signs of lice for the next two weeks to make sure they are not affected.

Myth #7: Some schools have more lice than others.  All schools have or will have lice, at some point. Some schools are more proactive when there is a lice outbreak. This means that you will hear about a lice outbreak sooner and more often than other schools. This is a good sign and does not mean that it is a “Lice School”. It means that they are trying to prevent a massive outbreak by informing families.

Hair Maidens believes that communication and information is the way to combat lice. Call if you have any questions.

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